PMAR – Museo Martini & Rossi


Pessione Chieri (TO)



For (Client & Partners)

Bacardi SpA - Martini & Rossi SpA // Progetto architettonico, Progetto Retail e Allestimento museale: Conrotto Progetti


Importo Opere: RISERVATO - 10.000 mq di SLP


Progetto Impianti Tecnologici, Progetto Strutturale, Direzioni Lavori Generale e Direzioni Operative, Sicurezza in fase di progetto e in fase di cantiere, Time & Cost Control

Home, Musei e spettacolo
About This Project

A new home for the historical vermouth brand, with the ambition to take its museum from 5,000 to 50,000 visitors a year: a secret recipe, a story that began in 1863, and an icon of Italian lifestyle step onto a whole new stage.

The renewed vision of the brand is conveyed through bold finishes, dramatic lighting, cosmopolitan vibes – and a completely modern approach to storytelling that makes the new Casa Martini a sensorial experience, from the smell of botanicals to the cocktails created by expert mixologists in the tasting area.